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About committee

Brest regional territorial committee of state property (committee «Brestoblimushestvo»)

224006, Brest , Lenin street, 11
tel. + 375 162 21 11 97 (reception/fax)

Monday –Friday from 8.30 till 17.30
dinner from 13 till 14
days off: Saturday, Sunday

Committee «Brestoblimushestvo» is part of the system of State committee on property of the Republic of Belarus and fulfills functions in administration sphere, order, privatization and calculation of property owned by Brest region.

The main task of committee «Brestoblimushestvo» is the realization of a series of measures on state policy on the problems of property relations (including administration, order, privatization, evaluation and calculating of property under state ownership) excepting relations in the sphere of using and protecting land, soil, other natural resources, habitation as well as other property defined by the legislation system of the Republic of Belarus.

Major functions:

  • control after realization of transactions on disposal, mortgage of buildings, uninhabited dwellings, objects under construction under republican and regional communal ownership;
  • organization of contests and auctions on selling of objects belonging to the state;
  • realization of single policy of property relations on questions of tenement and gratuitous use of buildings, construction sites and uninhabited dwellings;
  • calculation of state property on balance of legal entities of Brest region, registration of state property in property register;
  • distribution of certificates on registration of state property in property register;
  • coordination of work on reorganization of state organizations in open joint stock companies;
  • calculation and control after the usage of nominal privatization cheques during the period of their conversion on the territory of the Republic of Belarus when privatizing state ownership;
  • organization of selling on favourable terms stocks to the workers of enterprises and physical persons of open joint stock companies created during the process of privatization of state property ;
  • control after observance of legislation on problems of decree activity of open joint stock companies created during reorganization of state enterprises and other economy subjects in the decree funds of which there are state stock shares;
  • control and analysis of effectiveness of usage of immobile property (buildings, constructions and uninhabited dwellings ).

Director of committee «Brestoblimushestvo»
Manko Pavel Pavlovich
tel.+ 375 162 21 42 00

Герб Брестской области