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Brest Science and Technology Park rolls out face shields for health workers

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The Brest Science and Technology Park has joined the initiative to provide healthcare workers with the personal protective equipment, BelTA learned from director of the park Dmitry Makaruk.

The park started making component parts for face shields. A separate room was allocated to put these parts together. The park has already received more than 20 orders for face protection from healthcare facilities and medical workers. “Our center of collective use has 3D printers that are used to print component parts. The most advanced of them can print several items at a time. Engineers have developed a program that enables an uninterrupted 29-hour operation of these printers,” Dmitry Makaruk said.

One of the resident companies of the park offered gratuitous aid to medics. The company that manufactures LED products has made respirators. They are to be sent to Brest Hospice.

In addition to that, the park has plans to arrange a hackathon in the nearest future. This will be a brainstorm session aimed to find new technologies and solutions that will ease the work of healthcare professionals. “At present we are looking for an expert to guide us through the topic. This matter is very field specific and the interest in it is huge. We need expert opinion in order to develop products that can be put into operation as fast as possible,” Dmitry Makaruk said. Proposals can range from remote patient monitoring to devices related to mechanical ventilation.

The Brest Science and Technology Park has 66 resident companies.

Source: information agency BelTA