II International B2B Contact Fair Brest-2017 will be held on April, 27-28

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6504The activities planned by the organizers aim to create the platform for dialogue between Belarusian and foreign business partners, actualize promising business ideas and projects, promote Belarusian exports and facilitate the origination of new high tech ventures in the region. It is hardly possible to overestimate the actual value of such an event for the region but its effectiveness, to a large extent, depends on such factors as business activity, eagerness to build a constructive dialogue and ability to convince of the attractiveness of the offer.

Businesses and organizations will present their products and services to their potential partners. The exposition will reflect a variety of sectors of the economy: food and beverages, construction materials and services, light and chemical industry, machine building, agriculture, transportation, tourism, banking, investment and insurance services.

The site of the I International B2B Contact Fair BREST 2016 has brought together about 130 companies from Belarus, Russia, the Ukraine, Poland, Italy, China and Latvia. The representatives of 30 countries, including the representatives of trade and economic departments of the embassies accredited in the Republic of Belarus have attended the fair. 

Detailed information can be found on the site of the forum

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