Malorita canning plant reports 30% export growth in 2016

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6540OAO Malorita Canning and Vegetable Dehydration Plant boosted the export by nearly 30% in 2016 from 2015, BelTA has learned from the enterprise's deputy manager Lyudmila Voznosimenko.

The company ended the 2016 year in the black. The Malorita plant exported around $1.9 million worth of merchandise, exceeding last year's figure by 30%. An increase came largely thanks to baby food in doypacks, a flexible innovative packaging that is safe and shock-resistant. Besides, its caps are easy to assemble and can help children develop motor skills.

OAO Malorita Canning and Vegetable Dehydration Plant sells one-third of its output overseas. Its baby food is in demand among customers in Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Baltic states. Last year the Malorita plant branched out in Kyrgyzstan. The plant also extended its reach in the Chinese market and now sells birch sap and baby food there. “We are now in talks over resuming shipments to Turkmenistan. A Polish company contacted us and we are currently in the middle of negotiations on exporting birch sap to Poland. We plan to increase the export to $2 million this year,” Lyudmila Voznosimenko noted.

OAO Malorita Canning and Vegetable Dehydration Plant has been working for more than 60 years. The plant produces more than 180 items of juices, nectars, vegetable, fruit and berry purees.

Source: information agency BelTA

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