Anfimov: Beryozastroymaterialy has potential for boosting output

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Leonid Anfimov

Beryozastroymaterialy has good potential for increasing its output, Leonid Anfimov, Chairman of the State Control Committee of Belarus, told reporters on 28 February, BelTA has learned.

“The enterprise is very good. It causes us no problems. There are some ongoing issues that the company's management is tackling. They are not begging for money, do not ask the state to pay for the activities to increase their capacity and boost the output. I think that the enterprise has good resources for increasing its output and sales,” Leonid Anfimov said.

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The official believes that these inner reserves should be primarily channeled into reducing the production costs by 25%, in line with the instruction from the head of state. Once this is done, the company will have every chance of achieving the average salary of $500 in equivalent. There are all preconditions for this. In 2016, Beryozastroymaterialy cut the production costs by 4%.

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Leonid Anfimov emphasized that the current manufacturing program of the enterprise is formed on the basis of paid orders. “They do not produce to stock. They manufacture products for specific customers, and they know that they will get money for the batch they produce,” the official said.

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In 2016 the company increased the output by 16% to a total of 10.7 million square meters of tiles per year. The export surged by 27%. Today, 85% of the output is sold internationally, including to Poland, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Romania, and the Czech Republic. The talks on a pilot shipment to Mozambique are underway.

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Beryozastroymaterialy General Director Alexander Pobozhny said that the company continues to search for opportunities for growth. In April, it will launch a project to upgrade the existing line to start producing ceramic granite which is a marketable product.

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The Chairman of the State Control Committee visited OAO Beryozastroymaterialy to get familiar with the manufacturing process and meet with the employees on 28 February.

Source: information agency BelTA

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