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Brest Today

Brest region is one of six regions of the Republic of Belarus . It is situated on the southwest of our state and occupies the area 32,7 thous. sq. km. The population makes about 1,5 million people, and about 300 thousand people live in Brest . The region shares its borders with Poland on the west, with the Ukraine , Grodno , Minsk and Gomel regions - on the south. Brest region is formed in 1939 as a result of reunification of West Belarus with the Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic .

In 1954 the border lines of the region were considerably enlarged due to connection of a number of districts of the former Baranovichi and Pinsk regions.

In 1967 Brest region is awarded with the Order of Lenin.

In structure of the region are 16 districts, 20 towns (of regional submission - Brest , Baranovichi , Pinsk ), 9 settlements of the urban type, 2178 rural-type settlements.

The territory of Brest region entered into the composition of Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (Rzeczpospolita), Russian Empire, Soviet Union . In Brest were concluded Brest union (1596), Brest peace (1918), on the territory of Pruzhany district was signed the agreement in Viskuli (so called Viskulevskoe agreement) about foundation of the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) (1991).

The region is well known far beyond the bounds of Belarus owing to the Memorial complex “Brest Fortress-Hero” and the Belovezhskaya pushcha (virgin forest).

There are numerous memorable places in Brest region concerned with the names of Lev Sapega, Adam Mitskevich, Napoleon Orda, Tadeush Kostiushko and other famous people.

Brest region is the land of beautiful nature, glorious by dense forests and mirrors of lakes.

In the northwest of region the unique monument of nature is situated. One of the earliest forest preserves of Europe – the State National Park “Belovezhskaya pushcha” (virgin forest) disposes extensive hunting lands. UNESCO brings the Belovezhskaya pushcha into one line with world famous forests due to wealth and safety of biological diversity. Here in natural habitat live bisons, royal stags, wild boars, elks, roes, beavers.

Brest region is the western gate of our state; it is situated at the junction of the lively ways from the east to the west and from the north to the east.

The region disposes the well developed transport infrastructure. Brest railroad junction is one of the largest in Central Europe and fully provides a transit of CIS countries with the countries of West Europe at Moscow and Saint-Petersburg directions.

The special importance has the automobile transit corridor Berlin - Warsaw - Brest - Minsk – Moscow , also the direct track to Vilnius and Kiev . About 80% of land export of CIS countries to Western Europe pass as a transit through our region.
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