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Information about heraldic symbols

Emblem of the Brest region Emblem of the Brest region Flag of the Brest region Flag of the Brest region
Emblem as a part of the general cultural heritage of the nation is a monument of history and culture. Territorial emblem and flag is a sign on an administrative and territorial unit or historical area in structure of the state. The emblem and flags of nowadays existing administrative and territorial units which it agrees the current legislation institutions of local government concern to official symbolics. The territorial emblem in this case embodies the right of territory on the certain level of self-management, as well as the State Emblem and a flag expresses idea of the state sovereignty.

By the decree of the President of Belarus from August, 7, 2002 № 441 it is stipulated, that the emblem and flags of administrative and territorial units after passing of obligatory heraldic examination are established by the President of Belarus in the order established by the legislation.

Description of the project of the emblem and flag of the Brest region

Idea of the emblem and the flag is based on history of our edge. The important historical events, feature of a geographical arrangement, riches of edge are reflected in existing historical emblem of the cities located in territory of present Brest region.

During all history of edge fortifications on the Brest boundary territory played a huge role. Some of them were well kept up to nowadays, and are the visit card of the Brest region. Being based on historically developed emblem of the Brest edge, the bottom part of the Spanish board is executed in red color and comes to the end with the form of defensive construction - symbolizing bravery, courage, fearlessness of peoples living in the given territory. Belovezhskaja Pushcha, with its relic woods, located in the center of Europe, Is the most valuable biospheric reserve, and the bison - proud of these woods. The gold bison, which is a symbol of force and greatness of edge Berestejskogo is placed in the center of a red field of a board. The top, smaller part of a board has blue color - symbolizing beauty and clearness.

A flag as derivative of the emblem repeats his color scale and symbols.
Герб Брестской области