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System of extracurricular education in the region

Brest region counts 70 extracurricular educational establishments in which are engaged 49733 pupils. With them work more than 2000 teachers.

As of 1.01.2005 the number of establishments of extracurricular education in the country has made 361, and number of circles and other associations on interests - 26323.

Number of pupils in establishments of extracurricular education has made 353147 persons; number of teachers for such kind of educational establishments has made 14541.

Establishments of children’s extracurricular education in the region.

Name Amount
1. Centers of Children’s Creation
(curator - Brest Regional Centre of Youth Creation).
2. Centers of Technical Creation
(curator - Brest Regional Centre of Technical Creation of Pupils)
3. Ecological Youth-Biological Centers
(curator - Brest Regional Ecological-Biological Centre of Pupils)
4. Centers and stations of children’s and youth tourism and ecology, tourist centers and clubs of young tourists
(curator - Brest Regional Centre of child’s - youth tourism and excursions)
5. Associations on Organization of Extracurricular Work
(curator - Education Departments of Municipal and District Executive Committees)
6. Other establishments of extracurricular education
(curator - Education Department of the Brest Regional Executive Committee)
Total 70
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