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Air Plasmatron with Hollow-core electrode for steel and nonferrous metal cutting

Field of application. Plasmatron isdesigned for automated dividing cutting of any nonferrous metal andalloy-treated steel. For travel of the Plasmatron can be used machines for gascutting and plasma cutting. As a power source is used special rectifier unit withidle running voltage 520 V.

Technical specifications

Power of Plasmatron, kilowatt 60

Arc current, А 200 -500

Thickness of cut metal, мм 10 -80

Cutting speed, cm/s 0,1 - 10,0

Anode capacity before replacement, hours up to 20

Plasmatron has a water cooling system

Water consumption l/s 0,4

Plasmaforming gas - air

Air consumption, l/s 2,5

Weight, kg 1,4

Dimensions, mm 70х70х140

Design features. Much more longer workinglife, in comparison with serial plasmatrones with hafnium cathode, was achievedthanks to usage of cooper hollow-core electrode with electromagnet in thePlasmatron.

Producer: RUMP «Kuzlitmash» 225000, Pinsk, Zholtovski ave., 109

Designer: Sazanov M.I., Khisevich V.М.
Теl. +375 (162) 42-90-02

Герб Брестской области